4 ways your summer camp can benefit from drone videography

Have you seen summer camps with awesome drone footage? Drone footage is becoming a key part of summer camps’ marketing plans as camps adapt to create new, visual content that will stop people from scrolling on their phones. This is an especially important type of footage to capture in our industry, as most summer camps have beautiful landscapes that look even better from a drone! Here are the top four ways that you can utilize drone footage to benefit your camp.


Let’s face it: It is hard to get customers to stop scroll on their phone when they see a basic post about your camp on their social media feed. As social media becomes more visual, you have to keep up. Having some beautiful drone footage set to some relaxing music on your Instagram, for example, will do that.

Click here to view one example of how awesome this looks! Once, I interviewed a potential international staff member. He had applied for our camp after seeing some cool drone footage on our Instagram account.


Drone videography is a great way to do a tour of your camp for new families. You can put footage over a voiceover narration, pointing out key buildings and areas of camp. This can be a great resource to have--imaging sharing a quick YouTube link with a prospective parent via email after you talk with him or her on the phone or at a camp fair about your program.  It’s an excuse to reach out and keep the conversation going, and helps seal the deal on enrollment as they get a visual perspective of what your gorgeous camp is like. This type of video can also help new campers who are nervous about coming to camp, turning their nervous anticipation and excitement.


Almost all camps leaders have information sessions with parents, go to job fairs or do in-house parties for prospective parents. Having a reel of drone footage of your camp to play on a screen before or during your event is a great conversation starter and enhances your camp’s professionalism. Check out this 30 minute reel I made for McGaw YMCA Camp Echo.


Drone footage can be used in almost any piece of marketing material you are making for your camp. The breathtaking aerial photos can be used on print advertising, and the video footage can be used for b-roll on anything from your annual campaign video to your end-of-session slideshow or the cover on your Facebook page. This type of content will elevate your marketing to a whole new level.

Thank you for reading. This was written by me, Gavin Watson, here at The Summer Camp Society. I have now had my FAA pilot license (drone license) for more than 2 years and have logged almost 100 hours of flying. If you are interested in having drone videographer at your camp this summer, click here to send me an email and start the conversation.

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Gavin watson
Social media strategist