All About Margeaux Sullivan By Kristy Andrews

Kristy: How did you get originally get involved with camp?

Margeaux: I always wanted to go to camp but it was never part of my family culture. My mom went to a camp and hated it because of how competitive it was. I begged her to go to camp so I ended up going to Girl Scout Camp Little Notch for two week sessions, starting at age 9. The sessions had themes and I began with the Sailing session, but my lack of natural sailing instinct led to me to the teen building, ropes, and rock climbing sessions. I love climbing, especially the team aspect that comes with cheering each other on and celebrating others’ successes. To me, that embodies what camp is all about.

Kristy: Your childhood camp eventually closed... :( But you and other alumni formed a non-profit and saved it! :) Tell me about that.

Margeaux: It was a community effort. I worked there for two summers before they made the announcement that they were going to close camp. They decided they were going to sell and the Little Notch community thought, “You can’t do that!” So we worked with the Girl Scouts, the Open Space Institute, and some conservation groups around Lake George and we purchased the land. Little Notch opened up for campers again for the first time in 2012!

Fast Facts

Job: Director at Camp Rocky Brook Day Camp in Eastchester, NY

Favorite Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Favorite Song to Belt in the Car: Any show tune! Currently obsessed with Dear Evan Hanson

Favorite Camp Activity: Ropes or Swimming

Fun Fact: Her dog’s name is Cordelia. She’s a Boston Terrier/Pug Mix...a bug

Kristy: How did you become a full time Camp Professional?

Margeaux: While being a summer staff member and working at lots of different camps, I did seasonal outdoor education work at places like Nature’s Classroom.  It became hard to move every few months and so I was looking for a more stable full time work situation. When my current job came up, it was perfect. I’m close to family and feel that the work here really calls to me. This was my first summer as the Director of Rocky Brook Day Camp. It’s really different than other camps I’ve worked at, as I come from an environmental and wilderness background. This is much more urban; there’s no where to swim, no ropes courses, and no fields. It’s also a day camp and I come from a residential background. It’s an interesting challenge for me because it’s so program-based, in that we have to think about how to create activities and fill the time without relying on the outdoor environment.

Kristy: What made you want to do the Summer Camp Society?

Margeaux: I love Sarah Kurtz McKinnon, she’s so cool! I thought I’d have a chance to get to know her. I decided to do it because it will be good for my career, beyond my current job, so I went for it!