Carly Fischer: An Introduction By Megan “Rory” Maiello

Carlie Fischer has a long history with YMCA Camp Takodah in Richmond, New Hampshire. Growing up at camp inspired her to begin working as Assistant Director recently this year. Camp Takodah is a residential summer camp for for both girls and boys. They offer four, two-week sessions during the summer, but also offer outdoor education, rentals and retreats during off seasons. Carlie started camp at seven years old, participated in the leadership program and then began working on staff as a cabin leader, division head and as director of girls camp.

She loves Takodah and cherishes all the memories of growing up there, as well as the memories working there will bring.   Carlie was born in Keene, New Hampshire, but moved to Nova Scotia, Canada where she attended Dalhousie University. Her hobbies are reading, art and her cat. Her most exciting moment was crowdsurfing in a Sasquatch costume at a concert.