Real Diversity Starts Now.

Inclusion Specialist Training

With Sylvia Van Meerten


Inclusion Specialists At Camp

The Idea: Send a representative from your camp to our training. We will give them the skills and materials they need to be your 2019 Diversity & Inclusion Specialist.

As camps continue work hard to serve an increasingly diverse community of campers and staff more and more camps beginning to add a new role. For some it is a new position for others it is an expanded role, but one thing is for sure. Inclusion is about more than just talking about diversity. It is about doing diversity.

This month long online intensive is all about digging into the nitty gritty of your camp to help the long road toward creating a more inclusive community for campers and staff. At the end of this course you won’t be done, but you will be moving in the right direction.

Begin the Inclusion Journey With Us

Meetings February 5, 12, 19, 26 8pm EST
4 weeks, All online, $199

Group pricing available. Email Jack.



What is diversity and inclusion?


When we say Diversity and Inclusion, we are talking about helping kids who have a mental health or developmental diagnosis or who display behaviors that make you suspect that they may have a diagnosis. We are talking about helping kids who identify as LGBTQ or who are demographically different from your camp's typical population (race or class or gender).

We are talking about campers who identify in more than one of these categories, and possibly also have a tricky home life. We are talking about kids who speak your language as a second language or who don't speak your language at all.

We think we can teach you skills that will help you design accommodations at your camp to help more of these campers have a better experience. 

What We Can’t Do

We do NOT think we can teach you to make your camp accessible for any kid at all. We do NOT think we can make you an expert in race issues or gender identity or autism. We do think we can teach you some basic strategies that will help you feel more competent at including kids who are outside your comfort zone. 


Who is SylVIA?

Sylvia van Meerten has been a camp counselor, director, executive director and board member at camps around the country. She has helped to start successful new camps, and currently runs a small camp for kids with autism, peers, and siblings. Sylvia routinely delivers workshops about autism, diversity, leadership, compassion, and happiness for the camp community. She believes in love, loyalty, the Detroit Lions, and the power of great jokes between friends. Sylvia is well-known at her camps for organizing the chores and being a nerd-fan of difficult conversations. She earned her BA from the Evergreen State College in Olympia WA, and her Psychology MA from Vermont College. Sylvia lives with her wonderful husband and kids in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Some of Syl’s Projects
Founder/Director - Camp Tall Tree
FoundeR - Empower Autism
Principle - Van Meerten Consulting
Board Member - Stomping Ground



- 4 weeks
- Weekly 45-min meetings, projects, & resources
- In-Summer materials
- A cohort of peers to brainstorm with
- Optional In-Summer coaching from our team
- All Online
- Feb 2019
- Wednesdays 8pm EST
- $199/participant



Week 1 - The Hidden Curriculum
Week 2 - Neuro-Diversity & Goal Setting
Week 3 - Racial Diversity Panel
Week 4 - Where to Start for Summer 2019


Who is this course for?

An ideal Diversity and Inclusion Specialist is a staff person who is a  camp director or an experienced counselor who genuinely wants to include a wider variety of camper at their camp.

Diversity and inclusion take a fair amount of effort and practice by camp directors and staff before a new group feels truly welcome at camp. In order to get the full benefit of this experience, you should have some experience at your 2019 camp, and be able to make or propose some minor changes to the way camp has always run. 


Don’t Just Talk About It. Be About It.


Questions? Send Jack an Email