Camp Changes Lives

Let’s get more kids to better camps


We believe in the power of camp. 

Summer camp should be a place where we can create the world we want our kids to live in and help inspire them to re-imagine what is possible when they leave.

You create that every summer and we want to help.

When you get more done with less stress, you can focus on what matters, which is making camp better and getting more kids to camp.


Our Team


Our Values

Because why you do what you do matters



Because camp is a place where we can try more, learn more and experiment.
Because kids need us to think creatively in order to serve their diverse needs.
Because we are always learning.


Social Justice

Because “diversity” is not enough.
Because camp should be for all.
Because it’s the right place to have the toughest conversations–ones that spark social change.



Because we’ve got some serious responsibilities.
Because best practices allow us to do more of our good work.
Because camp is a great summer job, but it’s an even better career.



Because camp is home and camp people are family.
Because we are each other’s best resources.
Because camp is where people belong.



Because the world needs a lot more of it.
Because nature, laughter, art and friendships are our jobs.
Because kids!!



Because camp has given us our best friends and our role models.
Because we have the privilege of impacting kids’ lives for the better.
Because while we are busy changing kids’ lives, they are busy changing ours.


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