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Each month this fall, we're offering a 90-minute seminar to help you level up a specific part of camp. With help from CampBrain, we're keeping these seminars at just $29 each (or $99 for all four). Seminars are FREE for TSCS members.

Seminars aren't webinars — they're interactive and give space for you to get the information and ideas you need for YOU and YOUR camp.

To encourage open and honest conversations, seminars are not recorded.


Our Fall 2023 Seminars

Check out what we're offering this fall!

Seminars are free with membership.

And it's not just seminars. Members also get daily professional development opportunities, virtual courses for staff, members-only resources, a progressive online community, facetime with some incredible camp legends (like Scott Arizala, Simone Gamble, Chris Rehs-Dupin, Kelly Schuna, and more!).

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We have FREE webinars coming up, too:

Recordings will be sent out following the webinars.

For daily professional development opportunities, check out membership.