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Each month this fall, we're offering a 90-minute seminar to help you level up a specific part of camp. With help from CampBrain, we're keeping these seminars at just $29 each (or $99 for all four). Seminars are FREE for TSCS members.

Seminars aren't webinars — they're interactive and give space for you to get the information and ideas you need for YOU and YOUR camp.

To encourage open and honest conversations, seminars are not recorded.




Our Fall 2023 Seminars

Check out what we're offering this fall!

  • December: Partnering with Families: Setting & Exceeding Expectations
    DECEMBER 13 | 2PM ET

    You know those emails and Facebook messages you get from families asking why you didn't do XYZ? Even when XYZ is never promised anywhere? Yeah. We've been there.

    In this seminar, we'll talk about how we can really work to partner with families to give them the best experience, while being clear about what's possible and aiming for more.

    Facilitated by Allison Krabill

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  • RECORDING: A Spectrum of Needs: Setting Campers with Autism Up for Success
    NOVEMBER 13 | 2PM ET

    Often when we talk about DEI initiatives, Neurodiversity gets left out of the conversation. Supporting campers and families with different needs can be challenging in many ways, but we're here to help! We'll talk about the philosophy "weird not wrong" and give participants tangible take aways to make their camp programming more accessible. 

    Facilitated by Erin Ross, Maggie Mitchell, and Kristin "Breezy" McMaster

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  • RECORDING: So You Want to Be a Camp Director?

    If you're a new camp director or ambitious seasonal leader with dreams of becoming a camp director, this is for you! You're not alone, and there's no need to start from square one. Kickstart your career by delving into the essential skills to cultivate, resources at your disposal, and tips and tricks from seasoned camp directors. You'll get to connect with people in similar positions, providing you with a network of support even after the seminar concludes.

    Facilitated by Allison Krabill

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  • RECORDING: Applications & Interviews That Don't Suck
    OCTOBER 19 | 2PM ET

    Putting together a solid summer team starts long before the summer actually begins — it starts before people even apply to work with you. We'll talk about how you can build culture and help illuminate the hidden curriculum of your camp. Get ready to jumpstart your 2024 hiring process!

    Facilitated by Nelson Strickland

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Seminars are free with membership.

And it's not just seminars. Members also get daily professional development opportunities, virtual courses for staff, members-only resources, a progressive online community, facetime with some incredible camp legends (like Scott Arizala, Simone Gamble, Chris Rehs-Dupin, Kelly Schuna, and more!).

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  • Helping Campers & Staff Regulate Emotion

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