Gavin Jon Watson


“Impact is our bottom line.” - Bernard Rocca


When I was 19 years old, my summer camp experience began through the international program called Camp America. I was placed at a YMCA camp called McGaw YMCA Camp Echo and flew from England into Chicago. I thought the camp was in Chicago, but to my surprise, the camp ended up being in a rural part of West Michigan. Click here to learn more. The location of the camp was not my only surprise--I had no idea at the time how my camp experience would change my life.

After serving as the camp photographer my first summer, I was hooked on the camp experience. I came back to Camp Echo the following 4 summers, developing my skill set in camp photography, videography and social media. I also earned my undergraduate degree in Marketing and Communications from Bath University in England. In 2014, I accepted a full time role at Camp Echo as the operations manager, managing marketing and media and helping the camp fill and waitlist each summer.

Throughout my career, I have become known in the camping world as the “Social Media Guy,” and, more recently, “The Drone Guy.” I have presented at national conferences on social media and trained camp staff at all levels on social media marketing and drone videography.

Working in camp marketing excites me because I can tell you first-hand how summer camp has impacted my life in so many ways. My goals are to assist other camp professionals in developing their camp’s story to share to the world. I’m motivated to do so because I know first-hand the extraordinary impact of camp.