Jack Schott


“Imagination rules the world.” – Napoleon Bonaparte


I struggle to sit still, follow rules, and do what I am told. My teachers struggled with me. But camp brings the best out of me. I work with camps get to more kids in the door and help them be ready for kids like me.

Usually my bio says something about the research project Laura and did after graduating from college. We spent about 2 years traveling the country visiting summer camps, speaking at conferences, and diving deep on the power of summer camp.

But, to be honest, I just wanted to see the country, and summer camps have beds you can sleep in. I thought we would be on the road for a couple months, drive to the West Coast, and see the Redwoods. Then I would get that engineering job my degree was designed for. It wasn’t till we met Dan Weir, at Frost Valley, and he told us to get our act together, that we started thinking summer camp could be a career. He helped us see that our little road trip could be a stepping stone to something more.

On the road, I fell in love with the unique opportunity camp has to re-imagine what is possible for kids. I became obsessed with creating culture, change, and community at camp. Since pulling off the road, Laura and I started Stomping Ground, an overnight camp where we get to do just that. 

More is possible. I can’t wait to get to know you better and help you accomplish your dreams.