Jason Smith

“You can choose to operate from a place of faith in abundance or one of fear of scarcity.”  - Jen Feltz Hense


I entered college with the plan of being an architect.  Something about designing and creating has always been interesting to me.  As I started school I also started working at YMCA Camp Kitaki, the summer camp I had grown up attending.  Two years into working at camp and school I decided that architecture wasn’t for me and changed my major to psychology.  When I graduated, Kitaki had a full time position open and I was fortunate enough to get the job.  I went into that job thinking it was something I could do for a few years, before still needing to go back to school for psychology.  Somewhere along the line I realized it could be my career and I’m still at Kitaki 14 years later.

The stuff that I was interested in with architecture (being creative, solving systemic problems, how people interact in space) and the things that attracted me to psychology (how people think, what motivates individuals, making lasting change in people’s lives) I have found in summer camp.  Couple that with some of my hobbies (making music, taking pictures, building things out of wood) and camping has become my career, my passion, and the institution that I most firmly believe can affect positive change in our world.

 If I have had any success, it is in believing that great things can be even better.  Camp is a great thing.  Let’s make it better.