What People Are Saying

About The Summer Camp Society


reflections from participants...


"The Summer Camp Society retreat was easily the best camp conference I have been to. The opportunity to connect in a true summer camp setting allowed us to build community, learn from one another, and dive more deeply into the ‘big' camp questions. Kurtz and Jack are awesome facilitators because of their attention to detail, good humor, and authentic and recent camping experience.”

- Anna Hopkins, Director
Friends Camp (Maine)


"I love the community I found through participating in The Summer Camp Society. Getting to know other camp professionals who can share their own challenges and successes creates a shared experience that pushes us all to grow. Camp people are so inspiring and, best of all, they know how to have fun while learning!"

- Margeaux Sullivan, Director
Rocky Brook Day Camp-Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson (New York)


"What I was not expecting was such an intelligent, passionate and all-around fantastic group of camp professionals that are now a part of my professional network. We share struggles and how we work through them, and also our successes so we can help others succeed. These are now my go-to people, because they are rockstars!"

- Megan McCarthy, Director of Programming
Catholic Youth Camp (Minnesota)


"Being a part of The Summer Camp Society has given me more than I could ever ask for. Every week I feel inspired to do more for not only my camp, but for myself professionally. Meeting and speaking with other directors has allowed me to broaden my views, deepen my thoughts, and further ignite my passion for this industry. "

- Maggie Mitchell, Overnight Camps Director
YMCA Camp Copneconic (Michigan)

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"The Summer Camp Society isn’t just about improving yourself: It’s about changing the world around you. My time with my cohort taught me that I can be a resource for others, and that I have a part to play in the development of the camping industry. In my 15 years as a camp staff member, I have never felt so valuable as when I was developing ideas and philosophies with my cohort."

- Luke Larocque, executive Director
beacon bible camp (ontario)


And...reflections from participants' supervisors:

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"As a large camp, Carlie and I often need to divide and conquer. That means we don't have time to dive into all aspects of camp management together. TSCS gave her a solid foundation in everything it takes to be a camp director. After each call--and then especially after the retreat weekend--we spent time debriefing what she learned so she could apply it specifically to Takodah. What she learned also help us challenge some of our assumptions, and it resulted in some meaningful improvements to our program. Of course, maybe most importantly, she also now has a network of camp colleagues and friends to contact for support and ideas."

- ryan reed, Director
ymca camp takodah (new Hampshire)