Experience The Retreat

Join us April 2-5 at Camp Reimagined for game-changing professional development. Ready to roll up your sleeves and transform your camp? You'll connect with fellow camp pros, dive deep into practical solutions, and walk away with real plans and projects. It's not just about learning — it's about doing and growing together.

Join Membership

You know how conferences are great, but they don't last long? Membership gives you all the best part of conferences in a year-round version. You get to connect with camp pros, hear from camp people all over about the wins they're having and challenges they're facing, get advice, get resources, and so much more. 

Plan Your Training 

Want to be the camp that everyone talks about for all the right reasons? Our tailored trainings at The Summer Camp Society transform your team into camp heroes. We tackle real-life scenarios your staff faces, from managing diverse camper needs to boosting leadership skills. The result? A staff ready to take on the summer.


You know how you've got a lot on your plate and probably have a pretty small team? And how you want camp to be so much better, but you just don't have the time and resources? TSCS fast-tracks the simple things so you can have more conversations about the big and important things.

Progressive Community
Doing More Together

A place to have the important conversations

Our community of progressive camp professionals is the perfect place to talk about the things that really matter at camp, to share resources that start with the same values you hold, and so much more.

Daily Professional Development Opportunities

Meeting options for all camps and camp pros

Go behind-the-scenes with Scott Arizala, talk equity with Simone Gamble, solve problems with fellow camp pros, get advice from other caregivers, deep dive into day camp with Kelly Schuna, and so much more. We have something for every camp and every camp pro.

Ready-To-Go Resources

A jumpstart on the things you have to do

You know how there are a lot of things we all have to do? Train staff, welcome staff, plan all-camp games, and more. We have 20+ staff training sessions, a weekend of leadership staff training, an eBook of all-camp games, and more. We work to take the little things off your plate, giving you more time to make bigger impact.

Virtual Courses (1)

Virtual learning ready to send to staff

  • Mental Health Support with Allison Klee
  • Basic Counselor Skills with Jack Schott
  • Seasonal Leaders with Allison Krabill
  • Restorative Justice with Allison Klee
  • And more!

Membership gives you unlimited access for your frontline staff to learn before ever arriving at camp.


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