Camp Kiko Crisis Challenge: A Simulation Activity for Camp Leaders

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A free camp leadership training activity by Sarah Kurtz McKinnon!

As camp leaders, we are often faced with complex challenges. These issues can have major consequences for ourselves, our camps, and the individuals we serve. However, we often do not have a way to practice dealing with time-sensitive, intense challenges before we are in the throes of a real one. For this reason, I have developed a new simulation activity that camp leaders can use for an in-service training: The Camp Kiko Crisis Challenge.

In this challenge, you will pretend you run a camp where four campers have gone missing on a field trip. Allegations of drug use swirl and transportation to the field trip location (a remote island) make things even worse. What will you do in the face of these issues? Test your skills by trying out our new exercise, available free to you through this link!

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