We believe in the power of camp and we know we can do more together.

Summer camp should be a place where we can create the world we want our kids to live in and help inspire them to re-imagine what is possible when they leave. You create that every summer (or everyday after school), and we want to help. When you get more done with less stress, you can focus on what matters—making bigger impact.

When we partner with people rather than holding power over them, we create supportive spaces to grow, learn, and build together.

How We Do It

We do our best to support camps and camp people however we can. Right now, we're doing that in three main ways.

  • Community & Resources

    Membership opens the door to endless professional growth opportunities for camp professionals who dare to think ahead. Discover a world of daily professional development options, an interactive online community, a bank of pre-made resources, virtual courses, and so much more.

  • Big Ideas & Tangible Takeways
    Free Camp Stuff

    We kickstart captivating conversations through podcasts and mind-stimulating blogs, turning ideas into actionable steps with the aid of valuable resources and practical articles. Our ultimate goal is to make your life easier, giving you plenty of time to dive into those big discussions and focus on bigger impact.

  • Breaking It Down
    Training & Events

    We are all about sparking engaging conversations in any and every scenario imaginable. Whether it's rocking the mic at conferences, leading electrifying camp trainings, leading virtual trainings, hosting unforgettable in-person retreats, or dreaming up fresh ideas, our mission is to build community and push camps forward

  • What We Do
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Who Makes It Happen

These folks are the ones who make it all happen day in and day out. And hey, we've got a massive crew of facilitators, contributors, and pals too. Want to know more? Meet the whole team.


Jack Schott
Jack Schott


Jack Schott struggles with bureaucracy, loves fun, and secretly stays up late obsessing over business stuff. His unique perspectives come from his varied background. After college, he traveled across country visiting over 200 camps in 47 states.

Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
Sarah Kurtz McKinnon


"Kurtz” is a triple-threat when it comes to training camp staff: she’s a longtime camp director, has a background in communications, AND works with the Center for Positive Organizations

Allison Krabill
Allison Krabill

Executive Director

Combining YMCA executive experience with a marketing background and years of involvement in TSCS programs, Allison thinks big, strategically, and one step ahead.

Alice Hospitel
Alice Hospitel

Director of Member Success

Alice has a superpower for helping people feel like they belong. They work seasonally for Stomping Ground, and the rest of the year, they support our 150+ members. Alice loves art, their dog, enneagrams, and so much more.

EmJ Juszczyk
EmJ Juszyzck

Podcast Producer

Having spent her whole adult life in camp planning and programming, all EmJ knows is professionalism that is learned through yell-singing at campfires and giving board presentations on the importance of a 40 foot water slide.

What We Talk About

We have a lot of big conversations, and a lot of them use these terms, either as jumping-off points or as things we casually mention. We talk about a lot more, too, but this a good place to start.

Hidden Curriculum
The Hidden Curriculum

The secret code of a place. So, you find yourself at someone's house, huh? Now, should you remove your shoes? And where do you sit to eat? At camp, this might include how to line up, the songs we sing, and more.

Partner With
Partnering With

Instead of making decisions for people, we believe in making decisions with people. That means involving others, trying new things, and making things as easy as possible for everyone involved.

Restorative Justice (1)
Restorative Justice

Restorative practices build communities and systems that foster connection, partnership, and empathy. We use these practices at camp to enhance communication, address harm, and progress together.

Giving Campers a Voice
Giving Campers A Voice

We prioritize choice-based programming, involving kids in planning, listening to their ideas, and empowering them to make decisions. We talk about what that looks like at camp, the challenges, and why it's worth it.