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You have a TON on your plate, and sometimes, it'd be nice to have somewhere to start. Or to just download something and be done. Check out our resources to jumpstart your progress. We've got free and paid resources made by camp people for camp people.


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Sand castle with sand toys next to it.
24 August 2023

Earlier in the fall I had a convo with an exceptional friend about the complexities of behavior at the camp we run for kids with autism. We started...

24 August 2023

In part 1 of this series, I wrote about why removing our biases will help our hiring and result in a more diverse staff and more equitable...

24 August 2023
Conference season, we are back baby. As you can tell, I've been on a conference kick (there's just SO many). Not only is the content flowing,...

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24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 33

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How many more times can we say, "camp is coming up"? On this podcast episode, host...

24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 32

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What are we doing about chaos this summer? On this episode EmJ is joined by Allison...

24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 31

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WE'RE BACK BABBYY. After a little spring break, EmJ reclaims the mic and sits down...

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From quick videos to share with staff to recorded webinars with experts, our videos cover a little bit of everything.

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