TSCS Retreat

Spring 2024 Retreat

April 2-5
Camp Reimagined
Huguenot, NY

Reflect, grow, and find community with us at our all-inclusive retreat. 

What is the TSCS Retreat?

A process over a product. So what if you don't leave the retreat with a bulleted to-do list? You'll leave with a profound understanding of the true purpose and endless possibilities of camp. And who needs a signed book by an amazing keynote when you'll leave feeling truly seen and part of a vibrant community?

You dedicate months to building a community where campers and staff can find connection, growth, and laughter. Why wouldn't you want the same?

What We're Promising
  • Incredible facilitators
  • Participant-led sessions
  • A Downtown Stomping Ground-style space
  • An optional virtual seminar leading up to the retreat, designed to help give the retreat a focus and build community
  • Really good food
  • Lots of community, learning, and fun

Experience Choice at Camp

The Downtown Stomping Ground-style area is the ultimate playground to jazz up your conference experience. Feel free to ditch sessions and indulge in a range of activities like playing games, exploring Makerspace, grooving to music, collaborating with others, and much more. We want you to get a taste of this how these areas work so that you can envision how it could liven up your own camp.
Choice at Summer Camp

All-Inclusive Pricing

Our incredibly affordable retreat pricing covers every aspect of the conference, except for transportation. You'll be staying in the beautiful lodges of Camp Reimagined, conveniently located just steps away from the Dining Hall and all of our meeting areas. Prepare to be amazed by the absolutely delicious food at Camp Reimagined, and rest assured that their staff can accommodate most dietary restrictions. We'll bring the supplies, the shirts, the stickers, the snacks, and everything else we'll need! Combine retreats and membership to save! Scholarships are available.

$ 599

This covers the retreat for one person.

$ 999 (or $99/month)
Retreat + Membership

This covers one retreat plus a year of membership for one person.

$ 1,350 (or $120/month)
Fall & Spring Retreat + Membership

This covers both the fall and spring retreats plus a year of membership for one person.

Scholarships & Payment Plans Available

At the end of the day, if these don't work for you and you want to be there, reach out to us. We can't promise an outcome, but we do promise we'll hear what's possible for you and do what we can. We're also happy to help put together resources to convince your boss or board.

To ask about scholarships, payment plans, bundles, help, or anything else retreat-related, email Allison at allison@thesummercampsociety.com.


Information about our Spring 2024 BIPOC Grant is coming soon.

Why Our Retreat?

The retreat is different than any professional development for camp directors currently out there. Our progressive community and facilitators help shortcut us to trust, providing an open, honest, and vulnerable space. Plus, check out all the differences below.

It's Like Camp
It's like camp.

Camp is a weird job. For so many reasons, working at camp can feel like an isolating experience. Chances are, you won't find anyone quite like you in your town.

It helps solve YOUR problems.
It helps you solve YOUR problems.

Bring your problems, questions, ideas, and more to brainstorm with a group, connect with others in similar situations, or consult our camp experts.

It helps restore you.
It helps restore you.

After camp, take time to relax, reflect, and connect with others who can relate to your experiences. The retreat offers a range of activities to help you with all of that.

It matters.
It matters.

Listen—there's a time and place for learning camp songs and games, and we'll definitely do some of that. But more importantly, we're all about having.

How are the Fall & Spring Retreats different?

You're hustling on different things throughout the seasons, and we create retreats tailored to meet you where you're at. The spring retreat hones in on things you can accomplish in between the retreat and camp, while the fall retreat is all about reflecting on the rollercoaster ride of recent experiences and making a plan for moving forward. The Fall 2023 Retreat will kick off with a captivating pre-retreat virtual seminar that focuses on choice at camp, and we'll carry on that conversation during the retreat.

What People Say

“Coming in as a director new to the industry, The Summer Camp Society allowed me to feel like they have my back . It is nice to immediately feel welcomed into a community of like-minded camp pros that are excited to put in the work to better camping experiences for all. I very much appreciate what TSCS is doing and I hope they continue to expand to offer more opportunities for professionals to grow and develop into their best selves!”

What People Say

"Going to a retreat is like my own camp experience as a director. It challenges me to make new connections with folks from different backgrounds, think more deeply about what I'm doing, and it is FUN! Plus, the facilitators bring high quality content presented in small groups that allow for discussion and questions, far from rushed 45 minute sessions at larger conferences."

What People Say

"The Summer Camp Society is a place where people can feel welcome, heard and seen by like-minded professionals that are dedicated to serving the next generation of camp leaders and campers."

What People Say

"The retreat was full of stimulating and thought-provoking conversation, yet I left feeling refreshed not stressed. Thank you for creating a space to learn and unlearn, a space to challenge colleagues with compassion, and a space to grow. I left with more questions than I came with, but I also left full of hope."

Retreat Sponsorships

Sponsoring the Retreat is an incredible way to support creating better camps and camp directors. We’re looking for sponsors to:

  • Support us monetarily
  • Sponsor specific activities, like Coffee Talk or our Downtown Stomping Ground-Style Space
  • Provide t-shirts and other swag
  • Sponsor meals or beverages
  • Provide scholarships
  • Provide supplies

If you’re interested in working with us, reach out to Allison at allison@thesummercampsociety.com.