Spring 2024 Retreat

April 2-5
Camp Reimagined
Huguenot, NY

Unlock new potential with professional development made designed just for camp directors. You dedicate months to building a community where campers and staff can find connection, growth, and laughter. Why wouldn't you want the same?


Where Action Meets Connection

Welcome to a professional development retreat that's unlike any other. We blend the power of connection with the efficacy of action. 

  • Practical Application: Every session is crafted to provide you with the space and tools to not just learn, but to do. This retreat is your workshop to turn ideas into tangible outcomes for your camp.
  • Curated Community: Engage in a small, intimate setting with like-minded professionals. Our retreat is designed for those who value progress and connection, creating a community that supports and uplifts each other.
  • Progressive Values: We believe in progressive education that resonates with today's dynamic camp environment. Each session reflects this ethos, ensuring you leave with not just insights, but also solutions that align with your values.

This retreat isn't just about professional development; it's a catalyst for personal growth and actionable change. Come join us and experience the difference.

Schedule At-A-Glance

  • Learn new ways to build community upon camper/staff arrival
  • Talk through what’s left on your plate until summer and make a retreat plan to help get it done
  • Spend three hours focusing on your selected deep dive topic with your community
  • Pick two interactive sessions that meet your needs and help you get stuff done
  • Connect with camp pros in similar circumstances through Connection Circles
  • Dive into large and small group sessions tailored to your camp
  • Experience new debrief techniques you can bring back to camp
Deep Dives (1)

Dive Deep With Us

Ever feel like you're juggling a thousand things at your camp and wish there was a way to tackle it all more effectively? That’s what our Deep Dives are made for. It's less of a conference session and more of a "let's get our hands dirty and figure this out together" kind of gathering.

Real Talk, Real Solutions: Imagine spending 7 hours not just hearing about theories but actually wrestling with ideas, strategies, and real-life solutions. 

Join Forces with Fellow Camp Pros: Here's the fun part – you're going to be brainstorming, sharing, and creating with folks who get it. 

Walk Away with a Win: What's the end game? You leave with something concrete – a plan, a project, a new way of doing things – that's tailored for your camp's unique vibe.

So, are you ready to join us? Let's roll up our sleeves, share some laughs, and make this year the best one yet for your camp.

It's Not All Deep Dives.

Full-Group Sessions

You’ll experience some incredible, interactive full-group sessions, led by our dynamic TSCS team. We aim for big thinking, tangible takeaways, and activities you can take back to use at camp. Having these full-group moments helps build connection, giving you people you can call after you get home.


Our call for facilitators is still out. 

Facilitation over presentation preferred. Engage, be yourself, and lead exercises, discussion, and excitement. Learn more about being a Facilitator and the application process here. Applications due February 5, 2024.


🌟 All-Inclusive Experience

Everything's covered in our retreat pricing – from the cozy lodges at Camp Reimagined to the mouth-watering meals. And don't worry, they've got your dietary needs sorted. You just need to get yourself there, and we handle the rest.

$ 599

This covers the retreat for one person.

$ 999 (or $99/month)
Retreat + Membership

This covers one retreat plus a year of membership for one person.

$ 1,350 (or $120/month)
Fall & Spring Retreat + Membership

This covers both the fall and spring retreats plus a year of membership for one person.

Scholarships & Payment Plans Available

Need to talk scholarships or payment plans? Email Maggie at


The Summer Camp Society Spring Retreat Grant for BIPOC Camp Pros in Partnership With OAAARS

This grant will be awarded to 5 BIPOC camp professionals. 
(BIPOC is an acronym that stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. It is a term used to collectively refer to individuals from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds who have historically faced systemic oppression and marginalization).
Applications are due by February 2, and notifications will be sent out the following week.

Getting to Camp Reimagined

Welcome to the start of an unforgettable retreat at Camp Reimagined! Nestled in the scenic outskirts of Port Jervis, NY, Camp Reimagined  is easily accessible yet wonderfully secluded. Here's your guide to making your journey as smooth as your stay.

✈️ Fly and Drive from Newark Airport
  • The Best Airport: Newark is your go-to airport.
  • Rental Car Journey: Grab a rental car for a scenic drive of nearly 2 hours. En route, you'll pass a Wawa and Starbucks - perfect for a quick snack or coffee fix. Forgot to pack something? Swing by the Target in Rockaway Township, right next to a Panera. They even offer order-ahead options for super planners!
🚆 Train Adventure and Pick-Up Service
  • All Aboard NJ Transit: Hop on NJ Transit. It's a relaxing 2.5-hour ride, costing around $32 each way.
  • Seamless Station Pick-Up: Once you're registered, we'll coordinate with you to pick you up from the train station as soon as you arrive.
🚗 Carpooling & Rental Cars

We’ll make a spreadsheet with flight arrival/departure time to help you see who might be a great roadtrip buddy to share rental car costs.

What People Say

“Coming in as a director new to the industry, The Summer Camp Society allowed me to feel like they have my back . It is nice to immediately feel welcomed into a community of like-minded camp pros that are excited to put in the work to better camping experiences for all. I very much appreciate what TSCS is doing and I hope they continue to expand to offer more opportunities for professionals to grow and develop into their best selves!”

What People Say

"Going to a retreat is like my own camp experience as a director. It challenges me to make new connections with folks from different backgrounds, think more deeply about what I'm doing, and it is FUN! Plus, the facilitators bring high quality content presented in small groups that allow for discussion and questions, far from rushed 45 minute sessions at larger conferences."

What People Say

"The Summer Camp Society is a place where people can feel welcome, heard and seen by like-minded professionals that are dedicated to serving the next generation of camp leaders and campers."

What People Say

"The retreat was full of stimulating and thought-provoking conversation, yet I left feeling refreshed not stressed. Thank you for creating a space to learn and unlearn, a space to challenge colleagues with compassion, and a space to grow. I left with more questions than I came with, but I also left full of hope."

Retreat Sponsorships

Sponsoring the Retreat is an incredible way to support creating better camps and camp directors. We’re looking for sponsors to:

  • Support us monetarily
  • Sponsor specific activities, like Coffee Talk or our Downtown Stomping Ground-Style Space
  • Provide t-shirts and other swag
  • Sponsor meals or beverages
  • Provide scholarships
  • Provide supplies

If you’re interested in working with us, reach out to Allison at