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Custom Trainings Built for You

Staff training is the camp's secret sauce, going beyond meeting standards to ensure they resonate with staff. It's about bonding and excitement for camp work.


We train on anything from working with neurodiverse campers to skills for seasonal leaders and SO MUCH in between. We specialize in making any training topic interactive and impactful. Our team focuses on nurturing connections among kids, the camp, and staff. 

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Our Trainings


Some of our most common trainings are:

  • Helping Outsiders Become Insiders: The Hidden Curriculum
  • Managing Big Behaviors
  • Neurodiversity & Autism Overview
  • Basic Camp Counselor Skills: Making Camp Fun & Building Relationships
  • Seasonal Leaders
  • Restorative Practices at Camp
  • Kid-Driven Play & Choice at Camp (& How to Supervise It)


For descriptions and more, download our training catalog.

Training FAQs

  • How much does this cost?

    Training pricing is like a jigsaw puzzle with lots of variables to consider. We take into account factors like the type of training (virtual or in-person), the location, the duration, the topic(s), the level of customization, the trainer, travel, and much more.

    For a quick estimate, you can expect to pay around $600 to $1,500 for a 90-minute virtual training, and $2,000 to $4,000 for a full day of in-person training (sometimes plus travel expenses).

    Training does come with a cost, but it also brings potential savings and long-term revenue. 

  • Virtual Training? How does that work?

    We can do these in a couple ways. It could look like your staff Zooming in from wherever they are, or it could look like your staff Zooming in all together from the same room. No matter which approach we use, we still find ways to help them engage with our trainers and each other.

    Our virtual trainings are packed with fun activities, engaging conversations, and valuable takeaways.

  • What kind of things do you train on?

    Some of our most popular trainings are:

    • Basic Counselor Skills: Making Camp Fun & Building Relationships
    • Restorative Justice
    • Helping Outsiders Become Insiders (aka The Hidden Curriculum)
    • Adaptability: Working with Campers & Staff with Neurodivergent, ADHD, ADD, and more
    • Leadership & Teamwork
    • Camper Choice & Kid-Driven Play
    • Communication
    • Mid-Summer Slump


    But, really, we can design any training you're thinking about. Our team has so much experience together, and when we combine that with our out-of-the-box facilitation, we know we'll make an impact.

  • What does a typical day of in-person training look like?

    It really depends on your camp. We like to bring a lot of energy to start in the morning and follow pretty natural energy patterns of the day. We'll break for lunch and eat with your staff, then return with more in the afternoon.

    Typically, we can cover 3-5 topics in a day, depending on exactly what you're looking for.

  • Can you work with our budget?

    Why not give it a shot? Who knows, you might just be in someone's travel plans without even realizing it. And hey, our trainers might have some surprising connections to your camp. Anything could happen, although we can't make any guarantees.

    By the way, members enjoy special pricing, so why not consider combining a training session with a membership?

  • Who should I work with?

    All of our trainers are seriously amazing. We all get together often to talk about facilitation techniques, new things we're trying, ideas that we have, and more. Our messaging is pretty consistent, and there's a lot of overlap. Generally, we'll listen to what you want, look at what trainers are available, see who's in the area, and make recommendations from there.

    All of that to say—if we pair you with someone, we know they'll be great for you.

  • Can't I just do this myself?

    You totally can. We even have free resources to help you do it.

    There are lots of benefits of bringing in outside trainers—they take something off your plate, give you a better opportunity to observe your staff, shake things up, bring in new energy and ideas, show your staff that you value their professional development, and more.


Our Trainers

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These are the people we work with most often, but we know and work with lots of trainers. Our number one goal is to find you the best fit, so we may refer you to one of our training partners.


Virtual Courses

Want to work with us but not sure about our custom trainings? Our virtual courses could be a great option for you! Send them to staff before they arrive or work through them as a team. Led by our expert trainers, they're engaging, full of great info, and affordable!Basic access starts at $600/year and upgraded access starts at $1,000/year.

To talk more about trainings, reach out to Allison Krabill at