Chris Rehs-Dupin
Faculty & Friend

Chris Rehs-Dupin

Chris is the founder of Transplaining for Camps and has found so much self-healing and joy in working with camps around the country on building belonging into their culture. With a patterned shirt collection bigger than a costume closet, Chris uses humor, storytelling, and a theater background to ignite people into action. Chris meets people where they are and educates with empathy, not shame. He brings seventeen years of combination day/overnight camp experience and a passion for helping others be their best selves and make their biggest impact. Through Transplaining for Camps, Chris has helped hundreds of camps create broader belonging for campers and staff.

Chris's Blogs

Summer Camp Staff Retention
30 August 2023

Industry-wide, we know that finding and retaining staff is one of the key issues that we are facing in the operations of successful summer youth...

Summer Camp homesickness
30 August 2023

“Keep them at camp, by any means necessary.” 

Although I wouldn’t say these words were ever explicitly said when I was a frontline staff member...


Tips for Supporting Trans* Staff

Chris's Members Meetings

Chris partners with Simone Gamble to facilitate Talking Equity, a monthly members meeting.