Partnering with Staff

We believe staff are one of the most important parts of camp and that partnering with them sets everyone up for the most success. That means asking questions, coming up with ideas and being willing to try new ways of doing things, really listening to staff, and spending time getting to know them is hugely important.

We have resources for recruiting, hiring, training, evaluating, and everything in between.

Staff Downloads

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Most of our free resources are ready for you to take and run with. Some of our biggest tips for using them (and for staff training in general):

  • Relationships over content. Staff who really care about camp and each other will outperform staff who can name every developmental milestone of every camper age.
  • When it doubt, have them talk. Pair and shares, walk and talks, small group discussions, whatever works for you!
  • Make it interactive, and when you can't, make it quick. You can add games, writing reflections, silent meetings, or more.
  • Staff Training Sessions
    • Question Carousel
    • Camp Controversies & Crises eBook
    • Running Check In Circles
    • Running Community Circles
    • Presenting Your Camp Schedule
    • Culture Shifts
    • Wacky Walkies
    • Working with Parents
    • Finding the Balance
    • Reverse Photo Scavenger Hunt
    • Smartphone Scrapbook
    • Introduction to Hidden Curriculum Workshop
    • Core Stories
    • Camp Kiko Crisis Challenge
    • Party Planning
    • A Very Tiny Boat
    • Dopamine Menus
  • Handouts
    • Klee's Icebreakers
    • Kurtz's Icebreakers
    • Quick Homesickness Handout
    • Responding to Conflict in a Group
    • Cabin/Group Bonding Activities
    • 10 Backpocket Games for Every Counselor
    • Inclusion Specialist Guide
    • Working with Volunteers
  • Surveys, Evals, and Debriefs
    • Pre-Staff Training Survey
    • Staff Training Check-In
    • Daily Cabin/Group Check In Form
    • End of Staff Training Survey
    • Staff End-of-Summer Survey
    • Summer Debrief Flashcards
    • Mid-Summer Self Eval
    • Mid-Summer Staff Check In
    • Camp Director Evaluation
  • More

    The templates below are Canva templates. If you’re a non-profit, you can get Canva Pro for free.

    • Staff Guidebook
    • Staff Lounge/Office Posters
    • Camper Wellness Job Description (PDF)
    • Camper Wellness Job Description (Word)

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