Greg Golf
TSCS Party & Festival Project Lead

Greg Golf

Greg Golf grew up at Camp Champions, in Marble Falls TX and eventually served as the Boys Camp Director after graduating from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo with a degree in Business Administration. In late 2019, he left Camp Champions to start Shabang Music Productions, a music festival production company in California.

Unable to let go of his passion for summer camp, Greg still works in the camp world as a consultant, staff trainer, and part-time director. He has developed high school leadership programs, built camper marketing and staff hiring plans, and delivered staff training at various camps across the country.

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Summer Camp Podcast
30 August 2023
Season 1, Episode 1

What do summer camps and musical festivals have in common? Actually quite a bit when you think about it, BUT...


Staff Training Advice

  1. Outline & Model
  2. Show Don't Tell - As Much As Possible
  3. Use Story to Illustrate the Big Takeaways
  4. Help Staff See the Why
  5. Add Some Science


Greg works his magic at conferences by organizing EPIC parties. If you want to be in the loop about his next mind-blowing event, make sure to follow us on Instagram.