Why learn alone?

If you're looking for community this off-season, our cohorts are the way to go. You'll be in a small group of people looking in similar positions to you looking to build similar skills to you. 


Our Fall 2023 Cohorts

Check out what we're offering this fall!


For new, new-ish, and aspiring camp professionals

We'll dive into what it means to be a new leader at camp.

  • How do you know if something is an emergency?
  • How do you "supervise?"
  • What groups are you serving at camp, and what are some best practices for serving them? 
  • And more!

For camp pros stepping or hoping to step into executive, assistant executive, or associate executive roles — this will lean toward non-profits

We'll talk:

  • Creating strategy and vision
  • Making decisions in line with that strategy & vision
  • Working with boards
  • Finance basics
  • And more!

for camp professionals looking to learn more about the business behind camp — great for leaders ready to take the first step past program

Kurtz is sharing camp-ified versions of things she learned through her MBA program and work with the Center for Positive Organizations. Topics will include:

  • Negotiations
  • Strengths-based leadership
  • Positive organization best practices
  • And more! 

Cohorts are offered as part of membership.

Which is awesome, because you don't JUST get a cohort. You get to join 180+ other progressive camp professionals AND you get all the benefits of membership, including virtual courses for staff, daily professional development opportunities, an online community, and so much more.

Yeah, but what ARE cohorts?

Look, you know how running camp can actually be kind of lonely and there aren't always people to teach you what you're doing? And sometimes you don't even know WHAT you don't know? You're not alone. A lot of camp pros feel like this.

Cohorts are a way to solve some of those problems. They're intentionally designed communities bringing together people who want to learn and grow together while really connecting. They're a mix of having information given to you, discovering things on your own, and taking it to the next level by talking to others.

Each week, there'll be some light homework to get everyone on the same page. This might look like:

  • A blog or article to read (something like this)
  • Things to write down (like your wins & challenges of 2023)
  • Information to collect (like specific parts of your budget or retention numbers)

Then, we'll come together to deep dive into the topic. Our facilitators will give you a little more information and context, then we'll discuss the topic all together.

At the end of six weeks, you'll have new skills, new mindsets, and new people you can call on.