5 Tools From Conferences to Add to Your Training

5 Tools From Conferences to Add to Your Training

Conference season, we are back baby. As you can tell, I've been on a conference kick (there's just SO many). Not only is the content flowing, we're seeing how conferences make people feel included and comfortable. I've created a short list of tools you can incorporate into your summer camps. 

Tall Tables

Adding tall tables to the back of the room for those who need to stretch. This is GREAT for those who want the option to move around in the back and still have access to a space to take notes. If you don't have access or budget for adjustable tables, you can use upside-down buckets on standard tables. 

Sensory Library

Put fidgets and sensory toys at each table or in each room. This is a great way to introduce the toys to all, let staff know we have them and give people a chance to try them. If you want to make sure you get them back, let the group know its a library system.

Name Tag Boosts

  1. Add pocket schedules to name tags.
  2. Personalization Stations - I have seen this pop up more and more. You can give people the opportunity to share their pronouns, where they're from and add personality! You could use blank sticker sheets for them to make personalized stickers.
  3. Not sure yet how this applies yet, but I am loving when name tags have the camp names in large print on them.

Add Presenter Bios

Adding "presenter bios" to your content and training sessions allows staff to familiarize themselves with others and make connections. Its a visual support and easy to call back to. I imagine this could be as simple as a GoogleDoc you share out.

Open Puzzles and Activities 

Create connection during downtime and breaks by setting out puzzles, coloring sheets, and set up games like Connect Four. There is this awesome sense of teamwork and success when a group of people spend 10 minutes here and there to complete a 500 piece puzzle or large color sheet.

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