Creating Safe & Welcoming Spaces for All

Inclusion and belonging are more than diversity statements and scholarships. They're about ensuring that everyone has what they need to get to camp, that everyone feels like an insider at camp, that people see their own culture at camp, and so much more. We talk a lot about this and will keep talking about this. 

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Several of these resources talk about the Hidden Curriculum, so what is the hidden curriculum? The secret code of a place. So, you find yourself at someone's house, huh? Now, should you gracefully remove your shoes? And where do you sit to eat? At camp, this might look like the way to line up, the songs we sing, and so much more. Illuminating this helps everyone belong.

AND there's so much more to inclusion and belonging at camp. Keep growing, keep learning, and keep making change.

  • Introduction to the Hidden Curriculum
  • Inclusion Specialist Guide
  • Appropriate vs. Appreciation Handout
  • JEDI Rapid Response Team Sample Job Description
  • JEDI Rapid Response Team Sample Application
  • Visuals Template

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Inclusion & Belonging Posts

24 August 2023

As the days lengthen and we gear up for another summer camp season, it's clear that this transformation extends beyond filling the pool and mowing...

24 August 2023
As a step towards increasing diversity in your staff, and promoting anti-racism at your camp, have you looked at bias in your hiring processes?
24 August 2023

In the 2020 US census, about 8% of the population of the US reported speaking English less than “very well." Depending on your state or...


Inclusion & Belonging Episodes

24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 12

Would you want Elsa's powers given the chance? Given the choice?Host EmJ Juszczyk is joined by Sami Eron,...

24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 10

This episode is wild, SKY WILD. (This is 100% pulled from the episode.)Host Jack Schott is joined by Camp...

24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 10

Pizza parties = out. Staff lounge = in.

On this episode, host Allison is joined by Jessa Greuter, Shauna...

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Our members constantly dig in on how we our camps can do better, and we have a once monthly Talking Equity meeting hosted by Simone Gamble (OAAARS) or Chris Rehs-Dupin (Transplaining for Camps).