Jack Schott
TSCS Co-Founder

Jack Schott

Jack Schott struggles with bureaucracy, loves fun, and secretly stays up late obsessing over businessy stuff. His unique perspectives come from his varied background. An engineer, Jack took the first few years post-college to travel the country visiting over 200 camps in 47 states. Building on what he saw, he co-founded Stomping Ground, a non-profit sleepaway camp inspiring radical empathy and co-founded The Summer Camp Society. In 2022, Jack trained more than 2000 camp staff at 20+ camps.

Jack's Blogs

23 August 2023

In April of 2020 the world was ending. Remember? We were washing our groceries, didn’t know if we should wear masks or not, the world shut down....

23 August 2023


I have been to many camp conferences and heard about some great rainy day activities and some that, to be honest,...

Great Camp Counselor
23 August 2023

It is harder than ever to be a great camp counselor. A multi-year global pandemic, increased understanding of mental health...

Jack's Podcast Episodes

23 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 15

This week Jack is joined by Scotty Jackson, Executive Director of YMCA Camp Seymour and YMCA Camp Lake Helena AND...

23 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 13

You're going to need your chai tea for this one. 

Host EmJ sits down with host Jack AND host Allison to...

23 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 10

This episode is wild, SKY WILD. (This is 100% pulled from the episode.)Host Jack Schott is joined by Camp...


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