Big Ideas & Actionable Takeaways for

Summer Camp Professionals

25 August 2023
Last week, I did a big reflection on running camp 10 years ago, and a big lesson for me was rethinking my relationship with staff families....
From Bunkmate to Boss: The Transparent Shift
17 October 2023

Transitioning from a peer to a...

Starting a Monthly Giving Program For Summer Camp
12 October 2023

In April of 2020 the world was...

From Zero Tolerance to Restorative Justice: Transform
2 October 2023

It seems at camp, we more often than...

Program & Operations — 2023 Summer Debrief Series
2 October 2023

I'm so sad we've reached the end of...

Creating a Year-Round Camper Board
25 September 2023

Kids learn how to make decisions...

Better Bedtimes: How Being a Parent Changed Our Night
22 September 2023

Alright, friends. I’m going to be...

Staff — 2023 Summer Debrief Series
20 September 2023


Campers — 2023 Summer Debrief Series
14 September 2023

Y'all. We learned so much...

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