Maggie Mitchell
Resource Creator

Maggie Mitchell

Maggie combines camp and education experience to help us take ideas to completed resources for you to use. She has been a part of The Summer Camp Society since the very beginning, joining us as a participant in 2017. Maggie has a passion for Camp Tall Tree, a camp serving campers with autism and their families.

When Maggie's not working on camp things, she's collecting rocks, backpacking with friends, and genuinely enjoying life.

Maggie's Blogs

From Bunkmate to Boss: The Transparent Shift
30 August 2023

Transitioning from a peer to a supervisor can be a challenging experience. You may find yourself in a position where you now need to manage people...

The Overstaffing Fix: Prevent Burnout, Boost Camp Sustainability
30 August 2023

The fall, for most camp professionals, is a time for rest, rejuvenation, and reflection about the previous summer season.

For me, that reflection...

30 August 2023

It seems at camp, we more often than not, lean into how things have always been done than institute change. This can be said about many facets of...


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