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TSCS Membership Benefits

Daily Meeting Options.
Virtual Courses.
Group Problem Solving.
Ready-to-Go Resources.
More Perks.

Ever-evolving and growing professional development for progressive camp pros & youth development professionals

Daily Meeting Options

We have virtual community meetings almost every day led by all-star facilitators. These meetings are held over Zoom. We've got a variety of topics aimed at all different types of camps and camp professionals. Stop in when you can, and skip the ones that don't resonate with you.

We're always evolving to better serve our members, which means we're constantly adding and updating our meeting schedule. Need help hiring? Let us know, and we'll organize a meeting specifically for that!

  • Fall Monthly Meetings
    • Day Camp Deep Dive with Kelly Schuna
    • Behind-the-Scenes with Scott Arizala
    • Tough Conversation Practice
    • Research Club
    • Executive Roundtable
    • Talking Equity with Simone Gamble & Chris Rehs-Dupin
    • More!
  • Fall Cohorts

    Cohorts are a six-week deep dive into a specific topic and into community. They're totally optional, included in membership, and incredibly powerful. This fall, we're offering:

    • Emerging Leaders
    • Emerging Executives
    • CampBA (with Sarah Kurtz McKinnon)

    Learn more about cohorts.

    Cohorts begin the first week of October. Members must join before that time to jump into our fall cohorts.

  • Fall Get It Done Groups

    You know how every year you have this list of things you want to level up for your camp? And you know how that list gets pushed aside for other things? Not with Get It Done Groups! These groups hold you accountable AND connect you with a group of like-minded individuals to get better work done faster. Our fall Get It Done Groups are:

    • Hiring
    • Budgeting
    • Marketing
  • Fall One-Off Meetings
    • Succession Planning
    • Org Charts
    • Work Smarter Not Harder
    • 2023 Crises Debrief
    • More!

Our All-Star Facilitators

Our incredible facilitators are just that—facilitators. Sure, they present information, but more than that, they facilitate impactful discussions, helping you personalize things for your program.

Nelson Strickland
Simone Gamble
Scott Arizala
Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
Chris Rehs-Dupin
Drew Hodge
Sami Eron
Allison Klee
Allison Krabill
Alice Hospitel
Maggie Mitchell
Kelly Schuna
For Frontline Staff

Virtual Courses

Our virtual courses are curated by our amazing team members (like Jack Schott, Allison Klee, and Allison Krabill). With a dream team like that, you can bet that the content is top-notch.

Most courses consist of 5-7 videos, each lasting about 3-5 minutes. Along the way, there are quizzes to keep tabs on your progress. And the best part? Each course only takes about 30 minutes to complete—super easy for your staff to tackle before they head off to camp (OR a fun addition to spice up their training sessions).

Mental Health Support
Restorative Justice (1)
Restorative Justice
Hidden Curriculum
Helping Outsiders Become Insiders: Illuminating the Hidden Curriculum
Building Connections
Building Connections 101
Seasonal Leaders
Seasonal Leaders
Working with Campers with Autism-1
Working with Neurodivergent Kids

Course Previews

Want just the virtual courses? You can do that. Check it out here.

Virtual Courses

Ready-to-Go Resources

These are all ready-to-go as soon as you join membership, and we have more coming out all the time.

Our resources aren't just random ones you can download from a Google search. They're created by seasoned camp professionals dedicated to innovation, inclusion and belonging, and partnering with. They're interactive, they consider industry trends, and they're pretty damn good.

Want just the resources? You can get them here.

Current Resources Include
  • 20+ interactive and ready-to-go staff training sessions
  • 10+ interactive and ready-to-go leadership staff training sessions
  • Staff Training & Leadership Training Schedules
  • Staff Welcoming Packet
  • Camp Games eBook
  • Incident Report
  • Guide for Supporting Seasonal Staff
  • Seasonal Leader Webinar Recordings
  • Corrective Feedback Guide
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Free Seminars

Each month, we offer a seminar facilitated by one of our awesome team members. These are focused on a specific topic and last about 90 minutes. They range from hiring to social media to games and everything in between.

Members can attend OR send a staff member for free.


Group Problem Solving

You can post in any camp discussion board and get answers, but let's face it—those boards aren't always full of people who share your values. We're being honest here, virtual (and in-person) camp forums can be chaotic and argumentative. While we can't promise there won't be disagreements, we can guarantee that TSCS membership is centered around innovation, inclusion, belonging, and collaboration.

You know how frustrating it is to start from scratch because the existing resources don't align with your mission? Our Slack community is here to save you time by connecting you with like-minded individuals who share similar missions and values. If they don't have the exact resource you're seeking, they likely have some great ideas to offer.

But it doesn't stop at Slack. Our members' meetings are designed to be interactive, engaging, and conversational. We're not just talking at you, we're talking with you. Together, we solve each other's problems, discuss what works (or doesn't) at our camps, provide advice, and lend a listening ear.

You work tirelessly year-round to build a strong community for your campers and staff, so why settle for anything less for yourself?

More Perks

We do pretty much whatever we can think of and make happen to make members' lives easier. That looks like us trying new things pretty constantly to meet members' needs. Some things we've done or are doing:

  • Staff Training Session Requests - We blocked out a day to write any staff training session a member requested based on their needs.
  • Proposal Machine - We have a week blocked out for our members to talk about their ideas for upcoming conferences and to work with them on how to submit the best proposals.
  • Pen Pals - We matched members up to send each other notes and little surprises throughout the summer.
  • Bunks - All members are assigned to a bunk that has its own Slack channel and meets once a month. This helps you build a strong smaller community.

Additionally, we always provide:

  • Resume support from Sarah Kurtz McKinnon, Sr Director at U of M & MBA Graduate
  • Proofreading and ideating support from Allison Krabill, experienced executive director

All for $50/month

or $600/year—you choose how to pay. Scholarship rates and camp memberships available.