Paige Moffett
Special Projects & Retreats Lead

Paige Moffett

Paige currently works as Head of Operations for Change Summer, and supports The Summer Camp Society part time with operations.


The question on her mind is: How can we use clear, collaborative processes to make it easier for camp teams to focus their time on creating life changing moments for campers at our camps?


She believes clear, collaborative processes can make your camp more inclusive, help your team experience more moments of success and less moments of under- preparedness, save you time and money, build positive team culture through clarity and ease of access to necessary information, and ake your life as a camp leader way, way easier.


Paige believes that the magic of camp is in the moments with campers and team members that remind her that camp can truly be a place that fosters community, unity, empathy, love, and connection. And she wants to be part of creating these spaces and moments.

Paige's Blogs

Post-Camp Reflection
29 August 2023

Photo Credit: Ghostlight Theater Camp, Photographer: Alexandra Rivers

It can be hard to change things at camp… for many reasons. A big one being...

Paige's Podcast Episodes

Summer Camp Podcast
29 August 2023
Season 1, Episode 8

This episode brings together Jack, Scott Arizala, Nelson Strickland & Paige Moffett to take a deeper...


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