Debunking the Magic of Camp

Debunking the Magic of Camp

Season 2, Episode 28

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You don't know topic hopping until you've listened to this episode. Host EmJ is joined by Chris Hudson and Lolo Castro while at Tri-State. They touch quickly on how the conference is going and then jump IN on camper success when it comes to tech at camp, sending campers home early, and what the difference between "hard" and "challenging" is. 

It doesn't stop there. The three find a funny thing in common while discussing the word "camp" and questioning the professionalism behind it. There are touch points on partnering with schools, why costumes aren't as "goofy" as we think, and so much more. 

If you're looking for a bunch of hot takes and quick bites, this pod is for you. 

Producer EmJ's Takeaways:

  1. Success at camp looks different for each camper. Maybe its passing the swim test or maybe its staying for 3 days. 
  2. We as a collective have not truly processed the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic. (& it shows in our avoidance in this episode)
  3. I can officially cross "witness a spit-take in real life" off my bucket list. 

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Our Guests


SP headshot 2023 - Chris Hudson

Chris Hudson

Chris Hudson is a licensed social worker who is passionate about increasing equity and diversity in the camping industry. A fixture on the scene for over 30 years, Chris has worked with children and families in a variety of settings but none have captured his heart as summer camp has. In 2011, he co-founded and directed Camp Highlight, a sleepaway camp for children of LGBTQ families. Since then, he has been a vocal advocate for making camp spaces more intentional, efficient, and welcoming to BIPOC and LGBTQ+ campers, families, and staff. The best thing about writing your own bio is that you can say whatever you want. Chris Hudson the smartest and most handsomest person you'll ever meet! See? Who's gonna stop me?



_MG_0138 - Lolo Castro

Lolo Castro

Lolo discovered summer camp on accident, planned to stay for two months, but got bit by the camping bug! Lolo began her career in camping at a private residential camp in the Poconos. Lolo is now a Co-Executive Director at Camp Reimagined in Huguenot, NY.







Episode Info

This episode is hosted by EmJ Juszczyk.

The Summer Camp Society Podcast is edited and produced by EmJ Juszczyk.

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