Kids Are Humans

Kids Are Humans

Season 2, Episode 32

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What are we doing about chaos this summer? On this episode EmJ is joined by Allison Klee and Alice Hospitel to talk about what mindsets we're bringing with us when chaos and conflict arise at camp this summer. 

The crew talks about anti-adultism, how we're treating campers with dignity, and what that looks like when we have to keep in mind personal confidentiality and general safety rules. 

If you're looking for a more high-level chat about treating kids and young people with dignity and respect, this is the pod for you. 

Producer EmJ's Takeaways:

  1. How do we give people the room to meet their needs while being safe? What does that supervision look like?
  2. Mental Time-Travel 🤯🤯🤯
  3. Do it for the plot. 


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Check out resources made by her like "Responding to Conflict in a Group" Guide.

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This episode is hosted by EmJ Juszczyk.

The Summer Camp Society Podcast is edited and produced by EmJ Juszczyk.

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