Camp is the New Old Neighborhood

Camp is the New Old Neighborhood

Season 1, Episode 21

Jolly Corley joins Jack Schott and they get right into it talking about nonprofits and titles! On this week’s episode, Jolly is sharing how to look for competencies in your staff interviews, controversial staff retention ideas (that work for Camp Robindel), and avoiding the phrase “common sense.”

If you’re looking for a podcast that covers hot takes and goes several different directions, this is the pod for you.

Producer EmJ’s takeaways:

  1. “Common Sense” = bad. Common to who, ya know?

  2. A lot of what we sell to families to attend camp can be sold to staff (connections, experiences, etc.), it might just be with different terms.

  3. Staff retention can come organically when individuals share their reflection and story telling to loved ones after the season.


Our Guest

Jolly CorleyJolly Corley

I am passionate about creating a culture of personal and professional growth, rooted in developing the emotional intelligence skills of campers and staff. Through the camp experience, I cultivate passion and purpose in others, one that lasts long after the camp season.

My son and daughter both had the opportunity to experience camp from a young age, which also gave me the perspective of a camp parent. I love talking with camp families and believe strongly that the connection between a camp parent and director is based on a deep trust.

My husband Chris and I live in North Mankato, Minnesota with our daughter Renn. Our son Ronan is a college student in the northeast.

Episode Info

This episode is hosted by Jack Schott.

The Summer Camp Society Podcast is edited and produced by EmJ Juszczyk.

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