Realities of Parenting at Camp: Survey Findings

Realities of Parenting at Camp: Survey Findings

Season 2, Episode 6

This mini-sode is inspired by The Intersection of Parenting at Camp

Get your shovel, we're digging deeper into Parenting at Camp!

Host EmJ Juszczyk is joined by Allison Krabill and TSCS's Research Lead, Sami Eron, on our first ever mini-sode! The team is shedding light on our recent parenting at camp survey findings. Get ready to hear about the response rate, the skewness of the data, and major takeaways from the findings. 

As we dig deeper into parenting at camp responses, we piece together the experiences of the parents and caregivers who participated in our survey. We discuss the "low bar" expectations from the camp organizations, the vital need for change, and the different forms of support from camp.

Where do we go from here according to Producer EmJ:

  • Keep talking about it! The ball is rolling and in order to keep it moving, we have to keep pushing. Here are some people to talk to:
    • Your organization! Ask questions. Ask your organization what the policies are and what you can start doing now to help future parents on your staff.
    • Former camp professionals with children. What do they wish was different? The same?
    • Professionals outside of camps. What benefits and support did they have that could translate into camp? An "expecting mother" parking space, safe space to pump (that isn't a closet), blocked off time on the schedule, etc.?

If you're trying to wrap your mind around 177 people's takes on parenting at camp, this is the pod for you.

Love research?

We do, too. In fact, Sami leads a Research Club for members each month. It's truly amazing. We can't say enough..


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Sami EronSami Eron

TSCS Research Lead






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TSCS Executive Director 



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