Sarah Kurtz McKinnon
TSCS Co-Founder

Sarah "Kurtz" McKinnon

“Kurtz” is a triple-threat when it comes to training camp staff: she’s a longtime camp director, has a background in communications, AND works with the Center for Positive Organizations. She’s trained with hundreds of camps/organizations and balances research-based techniques with the fun and energy only a camp director could have.

Kurtz's Blogs

29 August 2023

No matter how hard you try, you can never be fully prepared for a summer at camp (sorry, planners)! People can be weird, weather can be weird,...

29 August 2023

By Sarah Kurtz McKinnon

Ten years ago(!) I became an assistant director at our camp, moving out of the cabin and into the "lodge," which at our...

29 August 2023

By Sarah Kurtz McKinnon

Gratitude may seem like a “given” at camp—we’re changing kids’ lives, after all! But we are still faced with problems...

Kurtz's Podcast Episodes

29 August 2023
Season 1, Episode 3

Make sure you have your swim buddy because we are JUMPING IN! On this episode, Jack Schott, Sarah...


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