Simone Gamble
Faculty, Trainer, and Speaker

Simone Gamble

Simone Gamble, a passionate community organizer and educator from NYC, has an impressive academic background in Secondary Education, History, and Social Work. They have dedicated their career to championing social justice causes and have become an independent consultant, facilitating workshops and providing guidance to various organizations. Simone founded OAAARS, a consultancy that aims to revolutionize workspaces by connecting businesses and nonprofits with talented BIPOC consultants specializing in professional development training. Their ultimate vision is a sustainable world transformed by dedicated individuals.

Simone's Blogs

Letter To Black Summer Camp Counselors
30 August 2023

Thank you for deciding to make this choice. To spend your summer working at a summer camp. Either for the first time or returning year after...

Juneteenth at Summer Camp
30 August 2023

Sunday, June 19th, 2022 marks the first time Juneteenth will be celebrated as a national holiday in the United States. It is the first new...

Simone's Podcast Episodes

30 August 2023
Season 1, Episode 27

Allison and Simone talk safety at camp (and off-site during camp), being a liaison for your community, and...


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Simone's Members Meetings

Simone partners with Chris Rehs-Dupin to facilitate Talking Equity, a monthly members meeting.