Going Beyond Basic Needs. 

Our job is to care for campers, and we mean that in more than the basic sense. As campers needs change, we work to stay up to date on trends, best practices, and ideas and bring them to you. We want to care for kids, connect with kids, and do more.

What's Restorative Justice?

A lot of our resources and blogs in this section reference Restorative Justice. So what is it? Restorative Justice is a different way of seeing conflict and harm. The goal is to heal harm, mitigate future harm, and build community. It starts with the belief that conversation is the root of change and understanding.

Camper Care Downloads

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We've got resources to build community, meet campers needs, address and mitigate harm, and more. Whenever possible, read the need and meet the need. Each camper is different. Each group is different. There's not always a right answer.

  • Restorative Justice at Camp Curriculum
  • Restorative Justice Training Curriculum
  • Running Check-In Circles Guide
  • Running Community Circles Guide
  • Responding to Conflict in a Group
  • Behavior Management/Disciplinary Measures Audit
  • Visuals Template

Our Camper Care Posts

24 August 2023

We all know the power camp has. Kids can learn, grow, and make lasting memories. Camps provide an environment where kids can develop social...

24 August 2023

It seems at camp, we more often than not, lean into how things have always been done than institute change. This can be said about many facets of...

24 August 2023

We all remember our high school guidance counselors. Their main job was to coordinate schedules, assist with scholarships, and start working on...


Our Camper Care Episodes

24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 20

Camp Concierge at your service! On this week's episode, EmJ is joined by Stacie Simpson, Darby Dame, and Leslie...

24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 17

On this episode, Allison is joined by Mariel Sass, Murph Hammer, and Brian Massey to discuss the role of summer...

24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 12

Would you want Elsa's powers given the chance? Given the choice?Host EmJ Juszczyk is joined by Sami Eron,...

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We have trainers who love to help with restorative justice, mental health, community care, and more, and our members are constantly talking about how to better care for kids.