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Summer camp can be a hard job. It's easy to get bogged down in the details and the challenges. But there's so much more. 

We've got blogs, podcasts, and more to get you thinking big about what's possible at camp, and we've got stories to remind you how amazing camp is.

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Change at Summer Camp
24 August 2023

We’ve been talking a lot about free choice and restorative justice lately, and I have to admit something: I failed at implementing both. Two...

Active Allies Summer Camp
24 August 2023

Dearest Fellow Straight White Dudes,

We need to talk.

In the past several years we’ve seen an explosion of new voices speaking out to educate us...

24 August 2023

This story is about magic.  

This story is about Jessie, a first-time camper at L.G. Cook 4-H Camp. Shy, nervous, never slept away from home...


What Ifs & Whys Episodes

24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 3

Are you ready to garner fresh insights from the seasoned restorative practitioner?? Angelica Matias joins host...

Summer Camp Podcast
24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 2

Step back and reflect on summer camp with us as we recount our experiences and explore the value and impact of...

Summer Camp Podcast
24 August 2023
Season 2, Episode 1

Challenging traditional punitive measures, host Klee explores restorative justice with guest Tamara...

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