Gathering is an Art

Gathering is an Art

Season 2, Episode 9

This mini-sode is inspired by Give People Keys: Staff Retention

[Hello! You are invited to listen to our mini-sode about the "Art of Gathering" by Priya Parker. It is approximately 42 minutes long and you can do what you'd like as you listen. EmJ and Allison Klee discuss and brainstorm ways to be more explicit in order to be more inclusive. More detail is below.]

Ever been to a gathering that left you feeling... well, left out? EmJ and Klee have! In this episode we discuss the lessons from Priya Parker's book, "The Art of Gathering" and navigate the art of crafting experiences that matter, whether you're at a summer camp or a barcade.

We deep dive into what "generous exclusivity" is and explore ways to guard the guest list, ensuring that the purpose of the gathering is met and the right expectations are set. Klee and EmJ recount personal experiences that make us think about icebreakers and how those who aren't in positions of power can adapt to new situations by leading with curiosity and questions. 

If you're looking to better your ability to bring people together, this is the pod for you.

Where do we go from here according to Producer EmJ:

  • Rename things! How can you change the name of your current gatherings so it clearly states the goal? 
  • Send this to someone in your space that plans events
  • Make a social rule for your next gathering!


Want to gather?

We do, too. In fact, members meet weekly on calls. It's truly amazing, there are so many topics and sessions to choose from! We can't say enough.


Show Notes

Producer Note: We recognize the phrase "totem pole" was used inappropriately on this episode after publishing. A better phrase is "least significant" or "bottom of the food chain", according to KOJO Institute

Our Guests

Klee-Aug-30-2023-09-54-18-1675-PMAllison Klee

Director of Restorative Justice Initiatives







Episode Info

This episode is hosted by EmJ Juszczyk

The Summer Camp Society Podcast is edited and produced by EmJ Juszczyk.

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