Give People Keys: Staff Retention

Give People Keys: Staff Retention

Season 2, Episode 7






Buckle up. Jack is joined by Nelson Strickland and Quarius Lucas to talk staff retention!

They throw out ideas and strategies that you can do right now, including but not limited to video game nights, listening to Drake's new album, and bar-cades.

They discuss the role of technology in building relationships and the importance of staying ~hip~ with culture and technology. Nelson and Jack look at how understanding and bridging the generational gap can foster a more inclusive and creative work environment. Plus, they touch on the vital role of trust in the delegation process. 

Jack, Nelson and Quarius don't stop there, but the episode does.  Stay tuned for more insights in our next episode where they tackle the topic of code switching at camp.

If you're ready to start recruiting next summer's staff, this is the pod for you.

Producer EmJ’s takeaways:

  1. Y'ALL. We have GOT to get better at delegating. It's said time and time again on the podcast. Here's resource from The Management Center that can help you conceptualize how to delegate.

  2. Camp is a compilation of skills, camp is not a skill.

  3. Put your money (read: budget) where your mouth (read: idea) is. Are we going to talk about paying staff to do what they're good at or be about it and plan for it? Maggie has a blog about overstaffing here and a staffing budget tool here.

Quarius LucasQuarius Lucas

Quarius is a Director/Filmmaker at Camp Stomping Ground. He’s driven by building community, storytelling, and trying to type bios that make sense.








Nelson Strickland

Nelson Strickland





Episode Info

This episode is hosted by Jack Schott.

The Summer Camp Society Podcast is edited and produced by EmJ Juszczyk.

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