Lessons from Restorative Justice

Lessons from Restorative Justice

Season 2, Episode 3

Are you ready to garner fresh insights from the seasoned restorative practitioner?? Angelica Matias joins host Allison Klee to share the transformative power of restorative justice in her teaching journey. The episode takes us through Angelica's restorative justice origin story, highlighting not just its reactive benefits, but also its proactive role in building community.

They also discuss the ins and outs of implementing restorative justice in the classroom, which goes beyond just holding circles to fostering understanding among students.  The two emphasize the healing potential of these practices and strategies on how to navigate resistance and onboard people into this transformative practice

If you're looking for an enlightening conversation that decodes the profound impact of restorative justice, this is the pod for you.

Producer EmJ’s takeaways:

  1. Greeting students/campers by name and learning how to pronounce their names correctly can be restorative practices.

  2. There is an interesting and intriguing shift when you think about asking a smaller group of people to opt into learning about restorative justice rather than having a whole class/cabin learn about it. 

  3. Angelica leaves no room for excuses on why "this doesn't work for my kids"!

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Show Notes

Our Guest

Angelica Matias-1Angelica Matias

Angelica Matias is a NYS certified educator with over 15 years of experience working in urban school districts.  She is an experienced restorative practitioner who has a passion for community building among diverse populations. She has worked with students from grades Kindergarten through 12th as well as educators, parents, and community partners to build, strengthen, and repair relationships when needed.  Angelica has a love of learning and has earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Canisius College in Buffalo, NY (her hometown!); a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Planning from Brockport College; and a Master’s Degree in Educational Policy from the University of Rochester. 


Our Host

Allison KleeAllison Klee

Passionate about making an impact, Allison Klee graduated from SUNY New Paltz summa cum laude in three years with a degree in Human Services. Allison is an honors program alumna and completed her thesis,  titled “The Benefits of Summer Camps for Underserved Youth: A Circle of Courage Framework,” in her senior year.

She has worked at Camp Stomping Ground since 2016 and has fallen in love with the community, the mission, and – most of all – each camper she had a chance to play with or help work through a difficult situation. Not satisfied with the way things had always been done, she has driven Stomping Ground’s storytelling, parent communication, and staff recruitment to the next level. She helps other camps onboard their staff, facilitates restorative justice trainings in partnership with The Summer Camp Society, is an avid volunteer in her community, and is never willing to settle for “good enough.” Allison continues to make more possible for Stomping Ground and the greater camp industry. 

Allison is currently working as a school social worker blending her academic background with her camp background in future pursuits advocating for and supporting kids in her community.

Episode Info

The Summer Camp Society Podcast is edited and produced by EmJ Juszczyk.

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