Supporting Staff in Finding Their Fun

Supporting Staff in Finding Their Fun

Season 1, Episode 2

On this episode, Jack Schott and Chris Rehs-Dupin turn to staff recruitment tactics with an emphasis on retraining former seasonal staff and how to keep them fired up in the on and off seasons. Often in the heat of the summer, we don’t take the time to celebrate the wins, but at the end of the day, that’s what staff will remember.

The guys examine a multitude of avenues to get in touch with potential staff, including but not limited to Tik Tok stars, gift-giving, and roller-skating parties. If you’re looking for more than the average hype tactics, this is the pod for you.

Producer EmJ’s takeaways:

  1. Know when staff need to celebrate & recap the joy

  2. I hope Simone is listening too, Jack

  3. National & international resources are great, but do you have someone in your community doing equity work that you could work with?


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Show Notes:

Chris Rehs-DupChris Rehs-Dupinin

Chris Rehs-Dupin spent the majority of his professional career (17 years) in youth development in the outdoors- including 8 years in overnight programming, and 9 years in day programming. Chris is a passionate speaker, trainer, and educator- who has spoken at numerous conferences, camps, and to larger organizations. Participants agree that Chris works to meet them where they are- and educates in the absence of shame.

Chris loves to support camps as they foster gender inclusive practices. He is available for consulting services, which will directly support a camp’s goals within in the context of their community.

Chris is an active member in his church community as part of the social justice ministry- especially in the area of LGTBQ+ advocacy. Chris is a father of two children who are the center of his universe and his consistent reason for trying to make the world a better place.. When he is not working he enjoys running, maple syrup production, gardening and wine making.

Episode Info

This episode is hosted by Jack Schott.

The Summer Camp Society Podcast is edited and produced by EmJ Juszczyk.

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