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Admin work, exec work, marketing, and all the behind-the-scenes stuff we tackle during the off-season are pretty important. But hey, why waste time reinventing the wheel? Our blogs and templates are here to give you a head start, so you can breeze through these tasks and have more time to perfect these or work on other things.

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Behind-the-scenes work matters. Collecting and analyzing data, searching for vendors, and so much more. Our biggest tip here is to break everything into small, manageable projects and from there:

  • List every task within the project in the order they need to be completed. For social media, this might look like three posts a week—identify picture, write a caption, schedule it out, check engagement.
  • Assign each project an owner and have owners assign tasks to themselves and others.
  • Set due dates and check them.
  • Do consistent check ins.
Strategy Resources
  • Shareable Annual Campaign Dashboard
  • Staff Budgeting Tool
  • Pre-Staff Training Survey
  • Staff Training Check-In
  • Daily Cabin/Group Check In Form
  • End of Staff Training Survey
  • Family End-of-Summer Survey
  • Staff End-of-Summer Survey
Marketing Resources
  • Stakeholder Communication Planning
  • Off-Season Program/Events Starter Guide
  • Summer Camp Photography Checklist (Copyable)
  • Summer Camp Video Interview Questions
  • Recording Videos of Yourself
  • And More!

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24 August 2023
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24 August 2023

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