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Admin work, exec work, marketing, and all the behind-the-scenes stuff we tackle during the off-season are pretty important. But hey, why waste time reinventing the wheel? Our blogs and templates are here to give you a head start, so you can breeze through these tasks and have more time to perfect these or work on other things.

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Behind-the-scenes work matters. Collecting and analyzing data, searching for vendors, and so much more. Our biggest tip here is to break everything into small, manageable projects and from there:

  • List every task within the project in the order they need to be completed. For social media, this might look like three posts a week—identify picture, write a caption, schedule it out, check engagement.
  • Assign each project an owner and have owners assign tasks to themselves and others.
  • Set due dates and check them.
  • Do consistent check ins.
  • Pre-Staff Training Survey
  • Staff Training Check-In
  • Daily Cabin/Group Check In Form
  • End of Staff Training Survey
  • Family End-of-Summer Survey
  • Staff End-of-Summer Survey
Marketing Resources
  • Off-Season Program/Events Starter Guide
  • Summer Camp Photography Checklist (Copyable)
  • Summer Camp Video Interview Questions
  • Recording Videos of Yourself
  • And More!

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Strategy & Marketing Posts

Summer Camp Debrief
24 August 2023

SO MANY GREAT CONVERSATIONS! I loved hearing about staff, what's working, what isn't, and what you need help with. I've got some trends below!


Summer Camp Debrief
24 August 2023

Y'all. We learned so much yesterday. I tried to keep the Mentimeter short which made for way better conversations but maybe not as much data to...

24 August 2023

A post from Anna Hopkins Buller, Camp Director at Friends Camp in Maine and one of the best camp directors you probably haven’t heard of, yet.


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