Big Ideas & Actionable Takeaways for

Summer Camp Professionals

Sand castle with sand toys next to it.

Earlier in the fall I had a convo with an exceptional friend about the complexities of behavior at the camp we run for kids with autism. We started...

Starting a Monthly Giving Program For Summer Camp
12 October 2023

In April of 2020 the world was...

Supervising Free Choice Time
13 February 2023

At camp we talk a lot about...

Stoplight Scheduling - Setting Camp Staff Up to Be th
23 January 2023

Being a summer camp counselor is...

5 Rules for Running Great Meetings at Camp
31 January 2022

As I gear up and talk to a lot of...

Illuminating the Hidden Curriculum. Good for Mission.
28 January 2020

There are two things every camp...

7 Types of All Camp Games You Can Run This Summer
9 January 2020


So much of...

Jack's Kookie Take on Professional Development
30 September 2019

This is an adapted email I sent to...

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