Podcast Anniversary Emmys

Podcast Anniversary Emmys


Who would have thought? not EmJ. Allison will be the first to say she rolled her eyes at the idea of the podcast. EmJ will be the second to say she HOPED it would make it a year AND WE DID IT BABY!

In honor of the first year of podcasts (38 episodes, to be specific), we present to you the TSCS Podcast Emmys!* (Named after our amazing Podcast Producer, EmJ)

*Some are factual data, some are an arbitrary decision by Producer EmJ

The Awards

Most Downloads: Episode 1, "Staff Recruitment: We Know We Have To Change How We Staff Camps" with Nelson Strickland and Greg Golf 

Classic – the FIRST episode. Nelson and Gregg kick off this adventure with Jack! They talk budgeting for fun recruitment and how camp is basically a summer long music festival. 

Most Referenced: Episode 20, “The People in the Arena” with Kelly Schuna 

It's giving Brene, it's giving learning. These are two things I love to talk about. This podcast comes up frequently in conversations regarding healthy conflict and why they're important to have. 

Most Giggles: Episode 6, “Making Culture Happen” with Monia Johnson and Murph Hammer

Jack makes Monia and Murph, two good friends, debate how camp should be run. They giggle through all their plans and what you don't see is Murph clapping while Monia nods her head and Jack snapping about how great each others' point is. 

Most Actual Takeaways: Episode 2, “Supporting Staff in Finding Their Fun” with Chris Rehs-Dupin

An original and good episode talking about what you can do for staff during the summer. Mainly giving them cold, yummy treats, but also why we should do that. 

Most Appearing Guest: Nelson (: 

11 episodes strong!! 

EmJ's Go-To Guest: Allison Klee

Thank you Klee for always being game. 

Jack’s Favorite to Host: Episode 6, “Making Culture Happen” with Monia Johnson and Murph Hammer

Once again, Giggle-City over here!

Allison’s Favorite to Host: Episode 27, “Be the Liaison” with Simone Gamble

I LOVED this episode too. I appreciated Simone and Allison talking about the reality of the progressive camp movement in rural, small towns. It was exactly what a lot of us needed to hear. 

EmJ’s Favorite to Host: Episode 16, “80% Connection, 20% Content” with Jack Schott and Allison Krabill. 

This was a mess and it was so fun. 

The One EmJ Wishes More People Listened to: Episode 33, “Lessons from Restorative Justice” with Allison Klee and Angelica Matias. 

This is a newer one that I recommend you check out! I’m someone who will steer away from messing up, especially with young people and their experience, so I valued a lot of what Angelica says about getting buy-in around restorative justice and how to shift the mindset to get more out of the practice. 

Most Likely to Fire You Up: Episode 8, “Staff Training: Practice Camp” with Scott Arizala, Nelson Strickland & Paige Moffett


Most Likely to Fire EVERYONE Up: Episode 5, "Selling Fun" with Justin Pritikin

Talking generations is one of the most efficient ways to get people going! Justin and Jack talk how to actually recruit young staff and why maybe the "old director" shouldn't be doing it. *side eye*

Best to Send to Your Supervisor: Episode 20, “The People in the Arena” with Kelly Schuna 

Kelly Schuna is a name in the camp industry, probably because she knows what she’s talking about. This episode is a really great one to send to your supervisors as a reminder that you are a person, hard conversations are hard and they’re needed for everyone to be their best self. 

Best to Send to Your Seasonal Leadership Staff: Episode 11, “Culture of Belonging” with Allison Krabill and Alice Hospitel

This is a great one to remind your returning staff that they're not the only ones at camp during training. What are they doing to ensure new staff feel welcome?

Most Likely to Feel Like You’re Sitting with Friends: Episode 15, “Continuing to Belong” with Alice Hospitel, Melk Kowalkowski, and Mike O'Brien

Just a goood group! They talk about teen programming and bring in such kindness and laughter! I am also biased in that they are all on Membership Calls so I do feel like they are my friends. (You could join too, ya know.)

Best Producer EmJ Takeaways  

  1. I like the idea of setting expectations when a boss/ leader comes into a meeting as an equal member. Reminding each other that they’re there as a part of the system, not the end-all-be-all with ideas.  (Ep. 18)
  2. Jack greatly underestimates the size of music festivals (Ep. 1)
  3. “Common Sense” = bad. Common to who, ya know? (Ep. 21)

Thank you listeners for one year!

EmJ Formal

EmJ Juszczyk

Podcast Producer

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